Hello and Namaste everyone!

It has been a year and a half since our founding and lots of wondrous events have been taking place in SWARA Community Arts Center. How do we get all this out to all you wonderful people who are the backbone of SWARA? Well, we decided a newsletter would be a good start and so we got everyone involved with a little competition to get a suitable name for it.

Thank you all for your participation but we could only pick one and as you can see we are officially the VOICE of SWARA.

The VOICE of SWARA will henceforth keep you updated and informed of the happenings at SWARA. We have a few columns right now and we are happy to get all feedback and suggestions to help make our newsletter more exciting and relevant to all SWARA Familia.

Our sincere thanks to our Patron, Datuk Dr Elamaran Sabapathy, President Samuel J Dass and our Advisor Datuk Murugesan Sinnadavar for being our rocks who do not falter in the face of challenges, trials and tribulations.

Thank you everyone for your contributions and tune into this space for more updates. Happening people like Swarians make things happen! Let’s get going!

Jaya P Shiva


It all started off bright and breezy and we all got started on our respective jobs! Finding the BBQ pit... Getting the briquettes, getting the yummy chicken wings and other finger licking good stuff!!! However, towards the evening, dark clouds gathered and just before our 6.30 pm timeline, the clouds broke apart and down came the rain... Not just rain but a thunderstorm...

But then again, the rain slowed down and stopped and we got started... From then on it was fun, laughter and glorious food! The vegetarians started off the night with sumptuous nachos with cheesy dipping and grilled sweet potato and corn. Not forgetting the essential idly and sambar! The youth got the fire going and the smell of grilled chicken tickled the palates of the SWARA Familia and everyone got their fill of food.

While eating, everyone also took the opportunity to vote for the name for the SWARA newsletter and VOICE of SWARA was an easy winner! Soon after, Datuk Elamaran and Master Samuel J Dass gave a token of appreciation to Dhivya Chandran who scored 10 As in the 2014 SPM examinations.

It was also here that VOICE of SWARA was launched and we see the fruits of that labour in this first issue.

SWARA BBQ Nite 2015 was a small, simple affair but it has got the SWARA Familia going and we look forward to the next gathering tentatively fixed for 25th same time same place.

SWARA BBQ Nite - 6.30 onwards
Soorya India Festival – PJ Civic Centre
Sitar and Tabla Performance JB
27 & 28
Oh, My! India - Publika Black Box
SwarAsia - PJ Civic Centre

Learning music in SWARA is a totally different experience. Here we not only learnto play music but also learn how to maintain and repair our instruments. All the teachers in SWARA are world class performing artistes and we students feel privileged to learn under them. As a youth, I find it inspiring to learn under such renowned teachers.

Satya Subramaniam

For me, it was love at first sight the moment I walked into the compound of SCAC! SWARA Community Arts Center is a place surrounded by greenery and that definitely is a sight to behold. Every time I come here for my music classes or my dance rehearsals, I get inspired. At SWARA, it's far beyond learning music or dance, it is an experience worth cherishing a lifetime. It is here that I have come to the realization of a heightened awareness that the divine art of music & dance has not only nourished my soul but it has  also positively moulded my physical, mental and spiritual well being.